❝Think less, feel more. Frown less, smile more. Talk less, do more. Complain less, appreciate more. Fear less, love more. ✿

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Drawing: MM album songs pictures

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Aug 16th (+135)

leaving for a week and then studying, see you in September!

Aug 16th (+148)
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what does their mirror see every morning

Aug 16th (+2590)


Also i forgot to say karukara cooks really well!! (And i’m italian so..)

i’m tall,curly and i wear hats, of course i cook good!

Aug 16th (+47)

Horrible song ideas no.2

by Roomie and Boyinaband

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Aug 15th (+40)
lidathetommo: Can we ship Keri yet or...? I'm happy you tho finaly meet :3

aww, that’s sweet :D but Eri belongs to radadusta, i’ve been just lucky enough that she let me borrow her for today!

Aug 15th (+16)

aki-anyway is loud,Loud, LOUD. 

Aug 15th (+20)

guys you have no idea how amazing it is to meet your internet friends. and it literally hurts to know that most of them you’ll never meet and if you’re lucky enough, you will see them only once in your life :(

Aug 15th (+59)


I stole karukara some of her precious art, i dare anyone to say she’s not good!! Thank you for them i’ll put them in my room and frame them :P
(Me, kara and simonsfine :3 )

my fricking hair were everywhere, but i’m glad you have your long arms,Eri, that’s a cute photo~

Aug 15th (+150)
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she squished me too much my hat fell over (with aki-anyway )

Aug 15th (+178)