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I know you want a pocket-size Louis on your dash :3


I know you want a pocket-size Louis on your dash :3


when will louis’ cute cinnamon roll hair come back from the dead


days off.


days off.

do you have an idea why the b'l and b'h aren't equal in the fandom?like, bottom harry is like 70% here and bottom louis like 30% with the fact, that half of these people don't mind switching. I mean-- it's okay if they don't care, but there are so many people who are strict about it or prefer it the one way only and it's usually just for bottom Harry :(


I have no idea anon… maybe they don’t like to see the guy with facial hair take it up the ass. no but really, there’s one thing I’ve noticed-

Louis girls love Harry the most after Louis, that’s kinda a fact. (also, it’s no secret that I love Louis+men more than my life. but it’s for fanart and fanfics only I’d say. in the end, it’s always Harry)
but Harry girls love Harry and then whoever from the band. Zayn or Niall mostly.

it doesn’t go both ways, because Louis is “problematic” “he’s not what he used to be” and he “doesn’t deserve Harry”. this kinda saddens me. so maybe it has to do something with the fact, that Harry is the most popular out of them (don’t get me wrong, he deserves it, he’s an unordinary person) and people want to see the whole “thing” centred around him. for him to be caressed, for him to be spoiled and stuff. 
As I said, i don’t really know, this is just a thought. There can literally be any reason. I don’t believe in the “because Harry is feminine princess” one, because Louis is literally as feminine as him. They are both equally feminine and manly at the same time. 

and the sharing thing—- yeah, I see more and more people careless about this matter and it’s good that they don’t care. I would kill for me to be that person, but for some wicked reason, I’m really strict about it and i just don’t like bottom Harry. and with there being not many bottom louis girls enough AND half of them posting bottom harry stuff too it’s kinda not that comfortable with me.
Also i’d say i kinda provoke people with my pictures. because i want to show that guy with facial hair and “masculine personality” can be the one whining for it. also it makes me happy when bottom harry people message me that they like my bottom louis stuff :) i saw so many people seeing it as disease or making fun of bottom louis people,so i like to see that some of them can appreciate it even if they have different taste. :)

I’d appreciate if we could talk about this calmly and not making drama again tho, because i feel like i said nothing offensive or wrong enough for people to get upset 

The big problem with people in general is that they LOVE to see the bad in things.


I pray the the Larry smut fan art he saw was karukara

when did Louis start to look like young Norman Reedus?
Louis Tomlinson

w a t e r

I’m literally so full of love right now that I’ll draw the fluffiest clitchés in the world.