My mom says I have a good heart, but she's wrong. I have principles. The heart is a fickle thing. There's no way I can love everybody. So I'm not even going to try. But I can respect everyone whether I love them or not. And that I try to do. users online people making me feel loved.
Buried Deep Inside
Rated: +18
WC: ???,???
Larry x Ziam x Niam
One Direction brothel!AU Welcome to the mansion One, the most luxury and expensive host club/brothel. You can spend your day with the guy/girl you want for a big money. You can spend the night too, if your wallet let you.
One More Night
Rated: +18
Larry x Niam
Louis and Niall are kidnapped. The Kidnappers are wicked, they requires impossibly high ransom for them. Every day that they doesn’t recieve their money, they does something to the guys to make their loving hurry up. Louis as the older and wiser one takes everything on him, leaving Niall unhurted.


Holidays were the best break Will could ever ask for and this holiday everyone would meet his brother for the first time. Eyes wide and comparing, his friends stopped in aw, stricken at the sight of double. “Hansom isn’t he boys?” Everyone laughed, Including Louis.  

For this lovely ladyfolk. 

Also known as - Will’s off at Uni, Leaving Louis alone at home. They talk on the phone almost every night but skype isn’t quite enough either. So this year Louis gets to meet Will’s friends over a break. They flirt with him and everyone gets along nicely. The twins are never too far apart though -Will’s just a tad protective of his brother sometimes. 


Song: Story Of My Life + Summertime Sadness

Artist: One Direction + Lana Del Ray

Album: Mash Up



Song: Bad Day

Artist: ALEXXX

Album: Covers For You

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Chapter 3 page 5

Re-drawed pictures from my notebook~ Louis+guys

One Direction Mashups

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Chapter 3
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